Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Smartwatches and the Elderly People– The New Favorite Bond

Since there are plenty of reasons when you may have to worry about your elderly parents or grandparents staying alone and you not being able to be with them 24*7. That really keeps you worried and that is only legit because keeping your parents away from you when they need you the most is rather painful.

But then again, there are plenty of things or we can say ways where you can help your elderly parents stay safe and sound even when you are not around and you can still b on the loop. So what is it?

There are plenty of gadgets available around the corner, which are pretty good enough to be a partner for safety for your elderly parents; but since a lot of elderly people don’t like using other gadgets, the best possible option for them is the smartwatch for elderly.

There are plenty of smartwatches available now in the market and these are specifically designed for the elderly people. These smartwatches does all the work that you may have done while being around them.

The best thing about these smartwatches is they act as a personal monitor for the user; keeping the heart rate, blood sugar, notifications, timings, exercise schedule and other health related things on check. So even if you are not around your father for the day, the smartwatch on his wrist will definitely keep an eye on his well being for a matter of fact.

You won’t be quite surprised if we tell you that the elderly people who have sued the same before absolutely loved this. There is a special button known as the “SOS button” present in these smartwatches that help the elderly people. How? When someone is using the smartwatch, they can use the button – by pressing it for 15 seconds and that will send a specific signal to the local emergency department. The local emergency service will then send help to the person who is in trouble as soon as possible and that will help them to a great extent.

Keeping everything aside, another great thing the smartwatches do is that they work even as a smartphone. Most elderly people don’t like the idea of using a phone. So when they use a smartwatch, they can use it even as a smartphone – making and receiving calls, sending or receiving messages and emails. So even if your mom or dad fails to keep up with a smartphone, they sure will never fail to keep up with the smartwatch.

Monday, 19 June 2017

The New Generation Watches for Your Elderly Parents

There was a time when you probably felt guilty about your elderly parent being a victim of a high blood pressure and then collapsing on the floor – you come to know only when the neighbor or the people from the hospital inform you about the mishap.

This was a scenario for almost every working people and this makes us sad. It isn’t your fault that you couldn’t or cannot stay with your parents 24*7 because there are plenty of stuffs to do and you cannot help it. But, what you can do is, look out for ways that will make sure that your elderly parents are doing just fine n their own and you know where they are – or with whom they are. The question is – how and the answer is with the help of SOS watches.

So what are these emergency watches? Or how do they work?

Since we are talking about watches here, you should know that we aren’t just talking about a watch that just helps you with the time or the date. These watches are much more to that and these are smart watches. The smart watches are anyway very important to our daily lives and we get a lot of benefit from the same. However, these smart watches are much more than just an entertainment packages. They are lifesavers.

Why is these smartwatches amazing for the elderly people – well, because they have the ability to keep your elderly parents safe in various ways.

The smartwatches have GPS tracking ability through which you can track their movements. Talking about movements, the smartwatches also calculates their calories and improves the health benefit to a great extent.

However, another plus point of these smartwatches are they can help the elderly people who are in trouble or distress. Whenever any elderly person is in trouble, they can press the emergency button available in the watch and that will send a message to the local emergency service about the issue. The local emergency service will then give them a call and emergency help as soon as possible.

The smartwatches can be great gifts to your elderly parent for their birthdays, mother’s day or father’s day or the Christmas. This is another way for you to stay home, near your parents and give them the love and care they thrive for and desire.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

How Does Smart Watch Changes Life of Elderly People?

Smartwatch is the new trend in the society. With the advent of the smartphone and its increasing popularity, the Smartwatch business also has taken a boom. It does provide so many benefits that no one can just ignore the significance of a Smartwatch. Be it technological side or any other aspect, smart watch has the ability to change the way people interact with a communication system.

Thus Smartwatch isn't just a watch anymore; it is a complete solution to the daily needs. But though common perception is that, this elderly smart watch is relevant only to the young generation, the elderly people can also get benefit from a smart watch.

With its different array of services, a Smartwatch can help the elderly people in many different ways. And seeing this opportunity, the Smartwatch makers are also integrating elderly people to their target audience.

For example, through a Smartwatch, an elderly people could tell the time properly as, it is made such a way that, even with elderly people with weak eyesight could read the time in the watch and get to know the time.

But this is just the basic benefit of a Smartwatch. It is a Smartwatch because it could provide more valuable information excluding the time.

For example, nowadays, every watch comes with a GPS system. By this, one can know where the person is at a given point of time who is wearing that watch as the watch tells the coordinates of the person wearing the watch.

By this, one person can know where is the other Smartwatch wearing person is. It gives tremendous valuable information regarding the elderly who lose track of time and place.

Even if people with amnesia, the smart watch can be much more significant than it seems. People having amnesia generally forgets who they are or from where they have comes out where they live.

By making the elderly people wearing the watch, just via a mobile app, the family could know the where about if the elderly person. It is a great device to track where that person is and to which he or she is heading etc.

Hence even if the elderly person loses the way home, the family could pinpoint where he is and thus, it makes much easier to find that elderly person

Thus, smart watch has changed the meaning of watch. Now it's not just a watch but a complete solution.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Can You Depend On Your Smartwatch to Help You in Losing Weight

There are so many speculations going on about so many weight loss regimen – the diet plan – exercise routine – various techniques and ways to lose weight – various gadgets to help you count the calories you burn – in the midst of all these, smartwatches are one of the most efficient and user friendly gadgets that help you in your weight loss journey.

Smartwatches – Is it the right choice?

Let’s not talk about the never-ending benefits of the smartwatches. We already know much about it – don’t we? These are some amazing ways to help you in many things like – it works as your personal monitor, provides you vital alerts, and gives you notifications and what not! They are quite secretive and provide you more privacy than the normal smartphones when it comes to reading texts and emails. Best thing about the smartwatch is, it has longer battery life than your smartphone. But does it really work as fitness help?

When we talk about the fitness part, it surely depends on what type of a fitness freak are you? Are you an average gym goer or a professional athlete? Well, any of the two needs the help of a smartwatch when they need result. So when you are trying to lose weight or when you are trying to achieve a particular weight number, when you are counting the calories burnt – you need the help of a smartwatch. If you train on your own, without any help, the results might not always happen. A smartwatch by your side will always give you the right kind of motivation you are looking for and will surely push you more to get the best results.

These smartwatches follow your every move, telling you how many calories you have burnt the whole day, how many are left and what right or wrong you are doing at the point of time. Therefore, you can finish every training knowing exactly how many miles you have run, how many calories you have burned, in what way your heart rate has changed and, ultimately, how many pounds you have lost.

Honestly, these are one of the most trustworthy ways to lose weight and you can see changes in yourself looking at the results in front of your eyes. When you see yourself changing and emerging, you find it quite overwhelming and that is another kind of motivation for you.

To conclude, yes, smartwatches are indeed the best gadgets that you can rely on when you want to lose weight.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Why Should Anyone Opt for Smart Watches

In this era of technology, the growth of smart phones, laptops, tablets have been enormous. One may ask when all the above thing that are mentioned are portable and can be carried anywhere, what is use of the new device called the Smart Watch? With already all of us having smart phones, why is smart watch needed. I say both smart phones and smart watch work together and those working together will help us in a large way. Let us find out how

1. Convenience
    People always want to feel connected with everyone and all times. Smart watches allow us to see and reply to messages, read e-mails, receive calls etc without pulling out the phone from the pocket. All these basic necessities can be done without taking out our phone out. Imagine you sitting in a meeting, a cinema theatre or a crowded bus and want to check your mails? Easy with the smart watch right?

2. Affordability
    Smart phones are very pocket friendly and easily affordable.  Even the most anticipated phones are really affordable. And since smart phones and smart watches complement each other, all phone companies sell smart watches and some also give discounts along with the smart phones.

3. Functionality
    Some smart phones have voice recognition systems and allow us to do our work by recognizing the voice. Some have built-in flash drives and some also allows us to not just read but also reply back to the mails and texts in the phone. How easy will it be while working out in the gym?

4. Discretion
    As I said in the first point, there are some places where smart phones are not allowed or you cannot be using it. Imagine one getting a very important mail from the client.  The smart watch will help you look into the mail and also reply back. Some smart phones also allow you to receive calls. So, your business is saved with a small investment in the smart watch right?

5. Custom Firmware
    This point is a boon for app developers. The app developers are given free liberty while developing smart watches. The companies give free reign and manuals to hack the software and develop the usability of the smart watch. Hence, like the smart phones, the market of Smart watches is growing at a large pace too.

So, why wait?” Go and grab the latest smart watches now! Or you can also buy elderly smart watches for your aging parents from SOS smart watches; which are typically made for your aging parents.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Benefits of using Smart Watches

elderly smartwatch
You already know that smart phones have made our life easier and better in such a way, now we want everything to be easy for us. Because the world of technology is expanding and we are being very dependent on it nowadays.

Just like smart phones, there are smart watches, which actually make your life much easier than you think. Although there are a lot companies who make smart watches but you don’t really get a chance to try those before you buy. This is the reason here are a few benefits of smart watches for you—

1.    Get The Notifications – Smart watches can provide you useful and beneficial notifications when you need them. For instance, you have a meeting at 10 in the morning. All you need to do is set the timer and then the watch will remind you about your meeting. This is useful for the elderly people because they can use their elderly smartwatch to keep a reminder about their time of the medicines or for their exercise time. They won’t have to worry about anyone to remind them or look for their phone for notifications.

2.    You don’t have to look at your phone all the time – Imagine you are in a meeting or a funeral and you really need to check on your appointments. You cannot simply keep checking your phone. It seems very rude. But having the smartwatch on your wrist helps you to get rid of the awkward situation cause all you need to do is just take a look on your wrist once.

3.    A lot of things can be done at one go – You want to reduce the volume of the songs—just press the buttons on your wrist; you want to turn the hue lights on and off, just a few more taps on the wrist—this is why the watch is called an internet of things. You can do anything at one go.

4.    Take or reject calls – Although different smartwatch has different way of handling the calls, but the point is, you can accept or reject calls according to your wish. You don’t have to take out the phone to see who it is. You can see at your watch and act according to it.

These are just a few benefits of using Smart watches. Although we have provided just a few, there are a lot more and yes they are a new way to live the smart way.